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Luis Rodriguez’s debut album as a leader on the Fresh Sound New Talent label, has been named one of the best Jazz recordings of 2006 by “El Nuevo Día” in Puerto Rico.

Luis started his education at the “Escuela Libre de Música” in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Upon graduating from high school Luis received a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music from where he graduated cumlaude in 2001 with a degree in Jazz Composition. After graduating from Berklee Luis received a fellowship from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he graduated in 2003 with a Master’s in jazz Composition and Arranging.

Luis Rodríguez has led his quartet on performances on various festivals around the world such as the Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest, the St. Croix Jazz Festival and “Festival de Jazz de Veracruz” in Mexico among others. Also, Luis has performed internationally on Spain, Mexico, France and the Caribbean.

Luis has received many awards during his career such as the National Minority Leadership Award and the Wayne Shorter Award. Rodriguez performs and collaborates as sideman of Jazz musicians such as Miguel Zenón, Eguie Castrillo, Paoli Mejías, Victor Mendoza, David Sánchez, Eddie Gomez, Michel Camilo, Tito Puente and Humberto Ramirez among others.

Luis Rodríguez Quartet

The Luis Rodriguez Quartet is the perfect balance between tradition and evolution. “My goal is always to create music that speaks to everybody in different ways without affecting the overall message of the composition. I try to think in layers, where you can go deeper into the music every time you listen to it,” Rodríguez says.

“When I compose I try to create a framework for improvisation. It’s like constructing a park where you have to include obstacles that we as improvisers interact to. I build a trail for improvisation, now it’s up to the improviser to determine how to walk through it.” The Luis Rodriguez Quartet are Luis Rodríguez on the Tenor and Soprano saxophones, Ramón Vázquez on the Bass, Efrain Martínez on the Drums and Yan Carlos Artime on the Piano. “I love to play with my group, they are world class musicians, they are always open to new ideas and they are not afraid to be different.” Rodríguez says.

It’s evident on Rodríguez playing the influence of Saxophonists such as John Coltrane and Steve Coleman but compositionally Luis has his own voice. “When I write I don’t limit myself to anything, I try to let the music come in a very organic way. I am a very big fan of Wayne Shorter’s I always find new twists in his compositions every time I listen to them.” Rodríguez explains.

Rodríguez looks forward to sharing his music with the world and he is always very warm and passionate about his writing. The Luis Rodriguez Quartet is a group with a very strong direction that is always pointing forward.

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